Italian lessons for beginners

Learn Italian light-heartedly

Tired of going blank and panicking when speaking Italian? Find out how you can speak confidently, enjoy a relaxed conversation in Italian and have a big smile on your face.

Feeling lost when speaking Italian?

You have studied Italian for months or years

You’ve spent the last few months, or even years, with your nose in Italian texbooks. You’ve memorized long lists of words and verbs, and repeated them until you got sick of them. You tried all the possible ways to rember Italian grammar rules by heart. You now remember something, but most of the time words and grammar just disappear from your memory. 


Having conversations in Italian is a nightmare

Despide all the things that you know, you still can’t manage a conversation with an Italian. When you try to speak with someone, you realize you get lost in the conversation. You spend time trying to understand what people are saying to you and looking for the right words to say. As a result, you end up feeling frustrated and beating yourself up.


It’s time to do something

It is now high time to take your words and grammar and bring them from your mind to your mouth. It’s time to embrace a mindful, slow-paced, practical and playful learning philosophy. It’s time to turn from a  passive student to an active, empowered and confident speaker.

Online Italian lessons for beginners with Gloria Spagnoli

Hi, my name is Gloria and I help shy and overwhelmed beginners feel confident when speaking Italian and have relaxed and smooth conversations when they are in Italy.

I went from being a stressed out lanuage student to being a relaxed and empowered speaker.

Today, I help beginners get a mindful approach to language learning, by teaching them how to respect their time, by making learning fun, and by showing them turn struggling situations into memorable learning  opportunities.

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Unlock your Italian

Tired of not understanding or speaking Italian? Want to be able to understand what Italians say and respond accordingly?

Unlock your Italian will help you

  • understand spoken Italian
  • remember new words that you learn
  • learn grammar in a context and in a light way
  • train your speaking and pronunciation