Fun online Italian lessons for beginners

This is the right place for you if

You want to learn Italian

You have an Italian partner, you work with Italian people, you want to attend university in Italy, you’re planning your retirement in Italy, you often travel to Italy... Whichever your reason is, the moment has come for you to learn Italian.

Italian feels scary to you

You are a beginner, you have tried to approach the Italian language by yourself, but you just can't wrap you head around it. Its grammar just feels too complex, its words feel so unfamiliar and its pronunciation is just so confusing.

Taking your first steps makes you feel insecure

No matter how much you want it, taking your first steps into the Italian language just feels daunting. You have tried so many times already, but you feel like it's too overwhelming. As a result, you have ended up quitting and have no idea of which direction to take.


You want to learn and have fun

You’re looking for a fun way to learn Italian. You are tired of stressing yourself out and you would like to learn in an enjoyable way, with no stress and at your pace.

Gloria Spagnoli | Fun Italian online teacher for beginners

I'm Gloria Spagnoli and I help beginners learn Italian at their pace, with a relaxed approach and by having fun.

Italian language games online for beginners


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