Italian lessons for beginners

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Find out how to kick-start and boost your Italian. Learn by playing and leave your stress behind.


For “real” beginners

For “false” beginners

Playful Italian lessons for beginners and false beginners

This is the right place for you if

You feel connected to Italy

You have an Italian heritage, you feel like you belong to the Tuscan countryside, you left your heart in Rome, you hold a special place for the beautiful Amalfi coast… whatever the reason, Italy is part of you, and you are part of Italy.


You want to learn Italian

You want to truly experience Italy: living there, meeting new people, making new friends, socializing with your neighbors. You know that you need to learn Italian to do so.


You don’t know where to start

You know a little bit of Italian from your trips and you’ve probably tried to learn it yourself. But something went wrong. Memorizing words, verbs, and phrases didn’t work and you’re now back to square one.


I would like you to know that

You can learn Italian easily. You can enjoy learning Italian like never before, have fun, and finally speak confidently.

Online Italian lessons for beginners with Gloria Spagnoli

I’m Gloria Spagnoli and I’m here to help you learn Italian step by step, speak from day one and have fun with language games.

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Find out how easy and fun it can be to speak Italian.