Speak with confidence. Connect with people. Live the Italian dream.

Tired of going blank when speaking with Italians? Struggling to find the words to say? Find out how you can speak confidently, make Italian friends and feel part of Italy.

Feeling lost when speaking Italian?

What are these people talking about?

Reading Italian is easy, but listening… impossible! Why do these people speak like that? What is it that they’re talking about? What did they just say? So frustrating! What could have possibly gone wrong? And why?


I can’t say a word

Nothing comes out. Not a single word. It was so easy to learn words and phrases. You had them in your book, you could write them, repeat them… but now… blank. All gone.


Have I wasted my time?

Has all this preparation been just a waste of your time?  Months (or years!) with your nose in Italian textbooks. And now? How can you cope in Italy next time you go there?

Online Italian lessons for beginners with Gloria Spagnoli

Ciao, my name is Gloria and I help overwhelmed beginners speak Italian confidently, have relaxed and smooth conversations, and get ready for their life in Italy.

I went from being a stressed out language student to being a relaxed and empowered speaker, managing my day-to-day life in two different countries.

Today I help Italy lovers at the beginning of their journey who are dreaming of a life in the Bel Paese, be a part of it and connect with its people.

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Unlock your Italian

Tired of not understanding or speaking Italian? Want to be able to understand what Italians say and respond accordingly?

Unlock your Italian will help you

  • understand spoken Italian
  • remember new words that you learn
  • learn grammar in a context and in a light way
  • train your speaking and pronunciation