Welcome to Speakita! I’m Gloria, nice to meet you.


My goal is to help you speak Italian with confidence and be able to converse naturally in your everyday life.


I’m here to:

  • help you put what you studied into practice
  • boost your conversation skills
  • give you the tools to become an independent and confident speaker

Learning a language should be a stress-free and enjoyable experience, and you deserve to make the most out of your time studying Italian.


Why is speaking important?

Speaking Italian from day one is crucial in order to actually remember new words, verbs, phrases and sounds. You can spend hours, weeks or even months trying to memorise vocabulary and grammar rules by heart, but speaking is what makes your knowledge come to life.

Speaking is:

  • the skill that will boost your confidence when interacting in Italian
  • the practice that adds that extra touch to your learning
  • what will turn you into a fluent Italian speaker.

Is it really possible to become fluent in Italian?

Yes. And you’re not an exception. You can definitely become fluent in Italian. What you need is some good practice.

You’ve spent too much time trying to study theory, feeling insecure and eventually frustrated when talking in Italian.

It’s time for you to change your approach and start speaking in a stress-free and natural way. Your journey to fluency has to begin and I am here to help you and support along the way.

A bit of history…

Before being a language teacher, I was a language student, just like you.

I have always had a great passion for foreign languages. In 2002, I decided to join the linguistics secondary school to study English, French and Spanish.

By the time I earned my diploma, it was clear enough that languages were something I wanted to pursue. Therefore, I decided to take a Bachelor’s in Modern Foreign Languages and a Master’s in Languages for International Communication and Cooperation.

While studying for my Master’s, I had the opportunity to work part-time as an Italian teacher, and that changed my life. I found out what really moved me, and I decided to get certified by the University for Foreigners of Siena.

During my studies as a prospective teacher, I started to wonder:

why did it take me so long to learn foreign languages? Why did it take me years to finally be able to produce a sentence? Is it something about me?

Then I had an epiphany:

I was never given the chance to speak.

I had been learning with a traditional teaching method that made me focus on grammar and memorisation, without allowing me to actually put what I learned into practice. No surprise if I froze every time I went abroad.

I then came in contact with a communication-based approach and I decided I would adopt it to work with my students.

I don’t want my students to struggle over learning a new language. Stress, pressure and judgement, which I experienced during my school and University years, put a stop to learning. Learning should be a positive, stress-free and enjoyable experience and this is what I want for my students.

If you want to study with me, visit the courses section in my website or get in touch with me.

A presto!