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I’m Gloria and I’m here to help you

speak Italian confidently

by having fun

My goals are:


  • helping you take the first steps into Italian,
  • giving you the confidence to speak when you arrive in Italy,
  • making you laugh when learning Italian, because having fun makes you learn better.


How is it possible?


There are three elements that make all of this possible:



You don’t have to be intermediate or advanced in order to speak Italian.

Did you know that by saying your first words o repeating the alphabet is already speaking?

Every word and every phrase counts and I will help you produce them right from day one.



We live in a society where, if you don’t overperform, you’re seen as predetermined to fail.

I don’t believe that. I believe that treating yourself with kindness and embracing both the good and bad days that come with learning a language, true results will come.

Learning a language is a journey and a discovery of ourselves. This is why we need to be kind as we find out our new traits, potential, weaknesses and strengths.



Being able to enjoy your lessons is what helps you the most.

Having a fun experience is a powerful way to actually remember what you’re learning.

You will learn with a lot of language games that will make your experience an easy and painless one.

A bit of history…


Before being a language teacher, I was a language student myself.

Languages have always been a passion to me and eventually lead me to earn a Bachelor’s in Modern Foreign Languages and a Master’s in Languages for International Communication and Cooperation.

I enjoyed learning languages, however, I didn’t always agree with the teaching method. I felt like it was too formal, too mechanical and not at all enjoyable.

I always felt insecure and constantly worried about making mistakes.

When I first approached teaching, I realized it was more than just a job.

Being able to pass on knowledge, seeing my students making progress and building a bond with them was something that really moved me.

I eventually got certified by the University for Foreigners of Siena and began my journey towards teaching Italian as a foreign language.

I knew for sure that I didn’t want my future students to go through what I went through when studying foreign languages. Therefore, I decided to:


  • Encourage speaking from day one,
  • Create a laid-back environment
  • Implement language games


It was amazing to see how effective these techniques were and how the atmosphere in my lessons was truly relaxed.

Nowadays, I am more and more convinced this is a winning solution to learn a new language and I’m happy to implement it in my Italian online classes.

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