How to ask and answer what time is it in Italian

How to ask and answer what time is it in Italian

Imagine walking down an Italian street with no watch and no phone to check. Would you to how to ask what time is it in Italian?


Although nowadays there are plenty of ways to check the time, we might as well find ourselves unable to check. Or too lazy to check.


Therefore, knowing how to properly ask what time is it can come in handy. Especially in situations of emergency.


It has happened to me once. I was desperately waiting for a train, I didn’t have my watch, and my phone was running out of battery.


I had to go and ask che ore sono?


Yes, to ask what time is it, in Italian you have to say che ore sono?


After that, you have to be prepared to the answer.


If you’ve already watched my lesson about numbers, you’ll have no problem at all.


If you haven’t, you can check it here before coming back to this lesson.


Replying to che ore sono is actually super easy. Before you press play, I want to give you a short list of key terms to remember:


:15 → e un quarto

:30 → e mezza

12:00 → mezzogiorno

0:00 → mezzanotte


Now, are you ready to press play and find how to answer che ore sono?





Now that you know how to ask and answer the question what time is it in Italian, here is a game for you.


Here are the rules:


1) You will find a group of boxes


2) Every box has a different time


3) Click on each box to open it


4) Say the time out loud



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