How to ask and answer <i>What’s your job</i> in Italian

How to ask and answer What’s your job in Italian

Asking what’s your job in Italian will give you another tool to continue your conversation with your new Italian friend.


There are a lot of things that can be said about you job or somebody else’s job. Therefore, continuing the conversation by asking what’s your job can definitely be a good idea.


You can find out plenty of things about your new friend just by asking what job do they do. For instance, it can tell you what kind of person they are. And this gives you already a lot of information, especially if you’re looking for like-minded friends.


If you missed the podcast about jobs, here you have it. It will give you a better idea of how jobs are called in Italian.


Having said that, we always have to remember that there are two ways in which we can address people: the informal way and the formal way.


So, even when asking what’s your job in Italian, we have to make this distinction. Just not to make any faux pas.


There are also two ways in which you can say your job. These have nothing to do with formality, but they give you one more option, which always comes in handy.


So, in this video you will see how ask what’s your job in Italian and how to answer that question.


Don’t forget to scroll down and play the game after watching the video.






Here you have a jumbled words game to help you remember these phrases.


Simply drag the letters into their right place to recreate the words.


Tip: in order to make the letters stick, overlap them with the preexisting one.



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