At the station: how to buy a train ticket in Italy

At the station: how to buy a train ticket in Italy

Buying a train ticket in Italy is super esay. If you’ve felt lost, at least once in your life, at an Italian train station, here are a few useful phrases for you.

In this video lesson you’re going to listen to a conversation twice. Then you’re going to learn the most important phrases of that conversation. Finally, you will put everything into practice and build your own conversations.


Here are the prhases you will learn:

  • vorrei un biglietto
  • andata
  • andata e ritorno
  • ecco a Lei
  • Sono 8 euro e 50


Arre you ready? Press play and practice as much as you want.




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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
I help beginners of Italian take their first steps, speak from day one and learn Italian at their pace and by having fun.