Being polite: how to say SORRY in Italian

Being polite: how to say SORRY in Italian

If you’re confused over how to say sorry in Italian, if you’ve read different phrases and you don’t know which one to use, this lesson is going to help you.


Most people, at first, don’t know the difference between scusa, mi scusi, and mi dispiace. Since Italian has a politeness form, you might as well don’t know which one to use at first.


So, in order to avoid confusion, this lesson will be all about the different ways to apologize and say sorry in Italian.


You’re going to see four expressions and a few examples to help you use these phrases in your day-to-day life.


Are you ready?


Watch the video lesson, play the game at the end, and don’t forget to practice after that. 😉






Here you have an anagram game about the phrases you saw in the video lesson.


Do you remember the four expressions? If yes, test yourself and try and rebuild them.


To play the game, drag the letters to their right place and rebuild the phrases. 😉



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Gloria Spagnoli
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