<i>C’è</i> and <i>ci sono</i>: how to say <i>there is</i> and <i>there are</i> in Italian

C’è and ci sono: how to say there is and there are in Italian

Saying there is and there are in Italian is one of the easiest things to do. We only use two expressions: c’è and ci sono.


So, where does the difficulty stand here?


Well, it’s impossible to see it until you start practicing c’è and ci sono. You might be surprised by how people can get confused at first.


So, here is what I thought for you.


I have prepared a video about c’è and ci sono but with a special bonus: you will get the chance to practice saying them right afterwards.


By listening and repeating these two expressions immediately, you will become more familiar with them and you will use them correctly next time you say there is and there are in Italian.


Are you up for the challenge?


Then press play and don’t forget to play the game at the end. 🙂







Here you have a group sorting game. One group is called c’è and the other one is called ci sono.


You have a series of words, some of them are singular and some of them are plural.


Where would you put these words? Under the c’è category or under the ci sono category?


Enjoy the game and have fun while learning there is and there are in Italian.



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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
I help beginners of Italian take their first steps, speak from day one and learn Italian at their pace and by having fun.