How to conjugate and use the Italian verb avere

How to conjugate and use the Italian verb avere

The Italian verb avere, just like essere, is another high frequency verb.

Therefore, we can find it in tons of expressions and we clearly lose count of how many times we use it.


This is especially true when we talk about possessions, where we have to use this verb.


Think about sentences like:


Marta ha un cane.

Marta has a dog


Luca ha una macchina nuova.

Luca has a new car.


Carla e Stefano hanno una casa a Roma.

Carla e Stefano have a house in Rome.


How many times do you find yourself saying something like this?


Also, you can use avere to talk about your age or somebody else’s age. This is, of course, fairly common.


Think about these examples:


Laura ha 39 anni.

Laura is 39.


Quanti anni hai?

How old are you?


Io ho 27 anni.

I’m 27.


But avere is also used in many other ways. Have a look, for example, at this list. You can find 10 expressions that are built around this verb. Here they are:


Avere fame (to be hungry), avere sete (to be thirsty), avere sonno (to be sleepy),  avere caldo (to be hot), avere freddo (to be cold), avere ragione (to be right), avere torto (to be wrong), avere voglia (to feel like), avere paura (to be afraid), avere bisogno (to need).


So, are you ready to use these expressions?


In order to use them in your day-to-day conversations, it is important to first know how to conjugate the Italian verb avere.


In this week’s video you will learn how to conjugate it and how to use it in your everyday life. You will therefore see examples with the expressions above and you will be able to use them when speaking Italian.


Press play and scroll down at the end of the video to play the game.




So, are you ready to play?


Here you can find a matching game with the verb avere.


Simply drag the subjects next to the correct sentence half in order to form a full sentence.



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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
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