How to conjugate and use the Italian verb essere

How to conjugate and use the Italian verb essere

The Italian verb essere is one of the most frequently used verbs.


This is no surprise, as it is the equivalent of the english verb to be.


So, I’ll let you imagine the tonnes of situations where you can use this verb.


If you remember my lesson about how to introduce yourself, you certainly remember examples like:


Io sono Gloria




Io sono Gloria Spagnoli


I used my name because I lack fantasy 😉 but, in general, we can use essere to introduce ourselves.


We can use it both when being informal and when being formal, as you saw from that previous lesson.


But we also used essere in the previous lesson about how to introduce someone.


We saw examples like


Questa è Lucia




Questi sono Marco e Daniele


So, essere is also used not only to introduce ourselves, but also to introduce someone else.


Now, it doesn’t look that hard to learn but, believe me or not, I’ve seen people struggling when using essere.


That’s why I have decided to talk about it and show how to conjugate and use it in real life.


Before jumping into the video lesson, let me remind you of one thing:


essere might even be an irregular verb, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to learn and remember.


Since I want you to learn it easily, I have prepared a game for you to play at the end.


So, here you have the video lesson about the Italian verb essere.


After watching it, scroll down below the video to play the game and have fun with it.



Now that you’ve watched the video and are a bit more familiar with essere, here you have a matching game.


The rule is one and easy:


match the subjects with the remaining part of the sentences.


Play it as much as you want until you feel like you remember the Italian verb essere.

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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
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