1-1 classes (from 0 to a2)


Are you looking for a way to get started with Italian? PlayItaliano is a complete program that will guide you through the very first basics and lead you from zero to master the very first conversations in Italian.

ImitateMe – Speaking Course for Beginners


Are you a beginner? Have you learned Italian with Apps or text books on your own? Are you struggling to put your words together when speaking?

Imitate me, the first speaking course for beginners, is the help you’re looking for.

See how it can help you find your voice and say your first Italian phrases confidently.


Speaking Practice Club for “False Beginners”


Have you spent weeks or months learning Italian with books and Apps, doing exercises, reading texts and looking up words in the dictionary?


Do you feel like you already know Italian pretty well?


Are you, however, having troubles when speaking and listening?


Don’t panic. You’re not alone.


The Speaking Practice Club for “False Beginners” is coming up to help you break your barriers, speak Italian confidently and master Italian grammar and vocabulary in a fun way.