The difference between VORREI and VOGLIO in Italian

The difference between VORREI and VOGLIO in Italian

What is the difference between vorrei and voglio in Italian?

As I write this blog post, I feel like some Italians should understand this difference as well.

I’m not one of those people who think that good manners have disappeared. However there is, indeed, an increasing tendency to use the wrong expression without even caring.

As a result, it really sounds like politeness is no longer in use.

I don’t want to sound tragic, at all. I’m just a huge fan of polite and respectful communication.

This is extremely important not only in your first language, but especially when you speak in a foreign language.

Learning how to approach someone in the right way is crucial when you are in a foreign country.

New habits can feel unfamiliar. Therefore, getting ready in advance is always a good move.

This is why I always show my students the difference between voglio and vorrei.

For the same reason, I made this video to show you how to better use them when in Italy.

Before pressing play, I would like you to remember that:

Voglio translates as I want,

Vorrei translates a I would like.

You can easily see how they cannot be used in the same situation.

More precisely, you can use voglio:

– when talking about your intentions,

– to say that you’re craving something.

You can use vorrei to make polite requests.

Always make sure you don’t use voglio to make requests. Especially if you’re ordering something at a cafe or at a restaurant.

This goes back to what I said initially about polite manners.

It is always a good practice to say vorrei when ordering your caffè, cappuccino or pizza.

Are you curious to see how can you better use vorrei and voglio in Italian?

Press play, enjoy this video and don’t forget to practice what you’ve learned.



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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
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