Easy grammar: singular Italian definite articles

Easy grammar: singular Italian definite articles

Is it really easy to learn Italian definite articles? Or is it like climbing a mountain?

Sure, it doesn’t look that way at a first glance. Definite articles in Italian are quite a few, and I know it can feel discouraging to approach them for the first time.

However, I firmly believe that anything can be learned, if taken step by step. Also, I don’t particularly enjoy to present things as complicated. Not because I’m a naive person believing life is easy, but simply because I don’t believe this can work.

I was too often presented grammar as a difficult topic. In all the three languages I have learned. I have to say, I wasn’t happy about it. I became stressed-out, my tension raised and my mistakes increased. Logical, isn’t it?

Of course, I know some things are more challenging than others. Any language has its own painful sides, and Italian is no exception. However, something can be done to prevent your brain from exploding:

taking baby steps and jump into Italian at your pace.

This advice is especially useful when learning Italian definite articles.

I know it is not the most relaxing topic to approach when learning Italian. However, there is a way to learn them without losing your mind.

Before watching this video, I recommend you watch my lesson about noun genders. It is very important to have a strong base in order to progress and reduce your level of stress.

Once you’ve done it, enjoy this video lesson about singular Italian definite articles.



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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
I help beginners of Italian take their first steps, speak from day one and learn Italian at their pace and by having fun.