Body aches: how to express pain in Italian

Body aches: how to express pain in Italian

As I mentioned in the post about body parts, knowing how to express pain in Italian can come in handy. It can save you time and avoid stress and frustration, which you clearly don’t need when you’re feeling unwell.


If you’re visiting a small town or living there, you might not always come across with English speaking health professionals. I speak from my own experience, coming from a very small town.


This is why it is better to know how to express pain and discomfort. Just in case you have to go to a Pharmacy or to the Emergency Room.


Once again, I speak from my own experience, as I’ll never forget when I first tried to express myself at a British pharmacy. That time, the dictionary didn’t help me at all, the pharmacist got frustrated, and I didn’t solve my problem.


So, as Italians say, prevenire è meglio che curare (preventing is better than treating). Which is why this video lesson is all about expressing pain in Italian.


If you don’t want to have the same experience that I had, this video will help you be prepared.


Press play and then play the game at the end to practice these sentences. 🙂






Today’s game is a revisited version of the Hangman game.


Here are the rules:


1) You will find a series of jumbled sentences

2) Write the words into the correct order to form the sentences

3) You will find a virtual keyboard right on the screen


Are you ready to play?



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