Going to a restaurant: how to book a table in Italian

Going to a restaurant: how to book a table in Italian

Would you know how to book a table in Italian if you wanted to eat in the most amazing restaurant in town?

Picture this scenario: you’re in Italy in your favourite city and you decide you want to go to that great restaurant that caught your attention on your first day.


The only problem is that it’s always either fully booked or crowded. The only way to secure yourself a table is by booking it in advance.


You now have two options:


– booking by phone


– booking in person


How can you do it?


Below you will find two sample conversations about how to book a table in Italian.


In order to personalise your sentences once you put them into practice, you might want to give another look to the numbers and the days of the week.


When you’re familiar with them, press play and see how to book a table in a restaurant.







Here you have a quiz with lines taken from the two conversations.


Click on the reply that you would expect after each line. 🙂



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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
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