Good job in Italian: buon lavoro or bel lavoro?

Good job in Italian: buon lavoro or bel lavoro?

The phrase good job in Italian can lead to confusion if you try to translate it to the letter.


You see the adjective good and you immediately think of its literal translation that you found in the dictionary.


If you try and Google the phrase “good job in Italian”, here is the result that you will get.


Good job in Italian


It seems fine at a first glance, since good translates as buono in Italian, which becomes buon if used before a word.


So, what’s wrong here?


If you say good job, you’re thinking about a compliment. You want to say to someone that you’re happy with the job they did.


But buon lavoro means something different.


Buon lavoro is something Italians wish, especially in the morning, and has nothing to with compliments.


Then, how can you give a compliment about someone’s job in Italian?


The key here is to not translate literally and simply associate the phrase to the situation.


In this video you will find an explanation with a few examples of how to use these two Italian phrases:


Buon lavoro


Bel lavoro


Press play to watch this video and remember to practice these two expression in your day-to-day Italian conversations.





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