How to answer <i>where do you live</i> in Italian

How to answer where do you live in Italian

Answering the question where do you live in Italian causes another question:


how can we say addresses in Italian?


Italian addresses have a different order: we first say the type of street, then the street name and then the number, if you want to 😉


So, if someone ever asks you “dove abiti?” or “dove abita?” and they’re specifically asking about your address, here are a few examples of what you can say:


Abito in:

– via Roma;

– viale Gorizia;

–  piazza Palermo;

– corso Garibaldi.


But what are these different street types? 🙂


This video lesson will show you what these streets are and how you can use them to say your address in Italian.


Press play, repeat each phrases as much as you want, and have fun trying and saying your own address in Italian. 😉





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Gloria Spagnoli
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