How to ask for directions in Italian and how to understand them

How to ask for directions in Italian and how to understand them

Would you know how to ask for directions in Italian, in case your smartphone didn’t work?

In an era where smartphones seem to get us out of any situation, we tend to assume that they’re going to take us anywhere.

We couldn’t be more wrong. I have seen it myself, and probably you’ve seen it yourself, that even the best devices sometimes fail.

So, when we try to reach a certain part of an unfamiliar city, it can get a bit frustrating when our phones don’t work properly or die.

This is when when the old-school method comes in handy: when we have to take up some courage, approach a stranger (sometimes in a foreign language) and finally ask for directions.

And…surprise! Locals know long more than phones. So you would end up not only finding your way, but also knowing new people and practising your Italian.

So, here is a video that will show you how to ask for directions in Italian and how to understand them.

Press play and then play the game at the bottom of the video lesson. 🙂







Here you have the sentences that you found in the video.


Some words are missing. Try and complete them with the words that you find on the top.



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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
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