How to ask <i>How much does it cost</i> in Italian

How to ask How much does it cost in Italian

What would you do if you were in a shop in Italy and you had to know the price of an item? What if you couldn’t find any price on the label? How would you ask how much does it cost in Italian?

When asking for a price in Italian, we have to remember that we can choose between two expressions, which are:


Quanto costa?




Quanto viene?


But we have to remember that we also have to change these two expressions from time to time.


For example, we have to say “quanto costa la cravatta?”, but also “quanto costano le scarpe?”.


Similarly, we have to say “quanto viene la giacca?” and “quanto vengono i pantaloni?”.


Why? How do these expressions change? Is there any difference between “quanto costa?” and “quanto viene?”. How do we use these two expressions?


This video lesson will show you how to say how much does it cost in Italian.


Watch the video to find out how to use “quanto costa?” and “quanto viene?”, then scroll down to play the game at the end. 🙂







How do you complete quanto costa, quanto costano, quanto viene and quanto vengono?


Which is the correct answer?


Reach it before the ghosts reach you. 🙂



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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
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