How to speak Italian as a beginner

How to speak Italian as a beginner

It surely sounds familiar. You’ve started learning Italian by yourself, you’ve memorized words and verb lists… you know everything by heart… and then you find yourself thinking “how can I speak now?”, “how can I speak Italian as a beginner?”


The one-million-dollar question.


No one around you seems to have a grasp of Italian. You look everywhere for a language buddy or someone who can help you, but… zero.


So, you decide to try and speak with someone online but it’s hard to put words together.


At this point, you ask yourself why? You can read fine and even understand quite fine. You successfully completed the program on your favorite language App. What is going on here?


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How to speak Italian



Before you give up and think something is wrong with you, I would like you to stop for a second.


What’s happening to you is absolutely normal. Knowing words and verbs won’t turn you into a confident speaker.


What you need is practice.


But how can you practice if nobody around you can help you?


Here below, you will find a video lesson that will help you say your first phrases step by step, at your pace.

It’s the method I use in my speaking course, ImitateMe.


Now, without any further due, give yourself a try!


Press play and follow the video’s instructions:


  • listen once
  • then listen one more time
  • repeat
  • repeat one more time
  • finally, repeat with me (here we are going to read the dialogue together)


Are you ready?


Then press play and don’t forget to play the game at the end. 🙂







Here below you have a wheel of fortune to help you say the sentences you found in the video lesson.


The rule is simple:


spin the wheel and say each sentence out loud.


Repeating out loud will help you practice your speaking properly and train your muscles and brain. 🙂


Spin the wheel and have fun! 🙂





PS: Would you like to know more about this method and finally stop feeling stuck with your first Italian phrases? Then you should definitely give ImitateMe a try. Breaking your speaking barriers has never been easy. 🙂

Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
I help beginners of Italian take their first steps, speak from day one and learn Italian at their pace and by having fun.