I mesi dell’anno – The months of the year in Italian

I mesi dell’anno – The months of the year in Italian

Imagine this: you have booked your vacation to Italy and now you want to tell your Italian friends when are you going and visit them. You know how to say the days of the week already, but how do you say the months of year in Italian?


Contrary to the general belief, learning the months of the year is actually easy. What it takes is just a bit of time and practice, just like with anything else.


So, this podcast will show you how to say, pronounce and remember the months of year in Italian.


You will first year each month twice and, in the second part, you will have the chance to repeat them out loud and get used to the sounds.


Press play and don’t forget to play the game after watching this podcast. 🙂







Here you have a wheel of fortune to practice the months of the year.


Spin the wheel and say each month out loud. This way you will be able to pronounce each new word better and better until you say it smoothly, without even thinking about it.


Enjoy and let me know how it goes. 🙂



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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
I help beginners of Italian take their first steps, speak from day one and learn Italian at their pace and by having fun.