Il tempo – The weather in Italian (vocabulary)

Il tempo – The weather in Italian (vocabulary)

Being able to understand the weather in Italian will make the difference when you try and organize your trips or picnics.

It can also help you when you hear a conversation about the weather and you try and understand what is going on.

Imagine how many times you will hear someone talking, or complaining, about the weather. 😉

So, this episode of the Italian Words Podcast will show you some of the words that you will need when talking about the weather or watching the weather forecast in Italian.

Don’t forget to play the game after watching this podcast, in order to remember these words better. 🙂






Here you have a game to help you remember these words.

Here are the rules:

1) words will be presented one after the other,

2) once you see a word, click on the corresponding image.


Have fun!


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