Italian Speaking Course for Beginners

Italian Speaking Course

Are you a beginner in Italian?


Have you learned your first words and phrases with Apps and phrase books?


Are you struggling to put everything together and speak?


It’s surely frustrating when you memorize words, verbs, set phrases and then you still feel insecure when speaking.

Why is this happening?


Memorizing word lists and verb conjugations is not enough when your ultimate goal is speaking.


What it takes is some good practice time to train your ears and mouth and get more and more confident when speaking Italian.


But how can you do it if you don’t know anyone to talk to? 

Italian Speaking Course

is the help you’re looking for

ImitateMe is the first Italian speaking course for beginners.


It will help you


1. listen to the new conversation;


2. repeat each conversation with the shadowing technique;


3. finally practice your spoken Italian.

Here is what you will find

This first edition of this course has got 10 chapters:

1. I saluti – Greetings

2. Presentarsi – Introducing yourself

3. Come stai? – How are you?

4. Conoscersi – Getting to know each other – Part 1

5. Conoscersi – Getting to know each other – Part 2

6. Conoscersi – Getting to know each other – Part 3

7. Al ristorante – At the restaurant

8. In albergo – At the hotel

9. Chiedere indicazioni – Asking for directions

10. Al negozio – At the shop

In each chapter you will find:


 a video where you can listen to the conversation, read it in Italian and practice;


♥ the transcription of the conversation with its English translation to support you;


♥ a downloadable PDF of that transcription.

Italian Speaking Course

Each chapter is divided into 5 parts. You will:


1. Listen to a conversation for the first time;


2. Listen to the same conversation a second time;


3. Repeat the new conversation for the first time;


4. Repeat that conversation one more time;


5. Read the same conversation with me.


How long does it take to complete the course?

It’s completely at your pace. You start whenever you want and you finish whenever you want. You decide the beginning time, the ending time and the pace. I do recommend, however, to organize your work into daily small habits, to get better results.

How do I know if it's for me?

If you have a basic knowledge of Italian words, verbs and phrases but still struggle to put them together to make a spoken sentence, then this course if for you.

What level is the course for?

It’s a course for beginners (learning the A1 program of the Common European Framework), but with already a basic knowledge of the Italian grammar and vocabulary.

What is the technique used in the course?

The technique is called Shadowing or repetition technique. It consists of imitating what you hear by copying a native speaker and consequently training your ears, mouths and memory.

Will I be taught grammar?

No, this course is for those who already know the basics of Italian grammar. You will be learn how to put grammar into practice by listening and repeating the different conversations.

Can I watch a preview?

Of course you can! You can find a preview at this link.

What if I don't like it?

You just have to let me know withing 30 days from your purchase, and I will refund you.