Making friends: how to introduce someone in Italian

Making friends: how to introduce someone in Italian

Do you know how to introduce someone in Italian if you meet another Italian friend?

Whether you’re in Italy or in your home country, try and imagine this scenario:

you’ve learned how to introduce yourself in Italian and you’ve managed to befriend some Italians. You’re hanging out with one of your Italian friends when you come across another one.


You think it’s a good idea to introduce your friend to the other one. After all, you’ve decided that you want to expand your circle of Italian friends.


You also think it would be a good idea to make the first step and introduce new people to each other.


But how do you do it?


How can you introduce someone in Italian?


If you’ve already seen my previous lesson about noun genders, I’m sure you remember that Italian has, of course, genders.


Why is it so important to remember this?


When you introduce someone, you always have to take into consideration the gender of the person you’re introducing.


What you will say when introducing a man will be different from what you’ll say when introducing a woman.


Things get different also when you have to introduce more than one person. Are you introducing two o or more men? Two or more women? Both men and women?


All of this is important when you want to make a proper introduction.

You need to change your phrase based on who you’re introducing and how many people you’re introducing.


To have a better idea on what I’m talking about, watch this video lesson and see how you can introduce your friends in the best way. Don’t forget to click on let’s play at the end of the video to test your knowledge with an Italian language game.




Now, here you have a game for you to put everything into practice.


The rule is one and simple:

Match each phrase with the right picture to remember how to introduce someone in Italian.



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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
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