Italian interjections: what does <i>allora</i> mean in Italian?

Italian interjections: what does allora mean in Italian?

Using Italian interjections can help you sound more Italian, even if you’re just starting out. In this lesson I would like to focus on one interjection in particular: allora. What does allora mean in Italian?


Typically, allora translates as so, and it can be used in different situations.


In this conversation pill you will see four situations in which you can use allora:


The first one is when you’re about to say something. In this case, allora is used as a simple, basic introduction.


The second way in which you can use allora is when you have to take some time before giving an answer. It allows you to take some time to think about your answer, especially if you’re short on ideas. It’s also very common to hear students saying allora during an oral exam.


Then, a third way in which you can use allora is when you want to recap something that has been said to you. Maybe you’ve heard too many things and you need to organize them in a list, in order to remember them. In this case, it’s very common to say allora before beginning with the list.


Finally, a fourth way in which you can use allora is when you want to say in this case. This happens especially when you hear some conditions that affect your final decision.


Have a look now at some examples of how to use allora.


Can you think of some more that you can use in your day-to-day life?





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