I lavori in italiano – How to say jobs in Italian

I lavori in italiano – How to say jobs in Italian

This new episode of the Italian Words Podcast will show you how to say jobs in Italian.


Saying your job will allow you to continue your conversation and talk more about yourself with your new Italian friends.


As you already know from my previous lesson about noun genders, Italian marks the difference between masculine and feminine words. And the same rule applies to job titles.


You will see it better in this podcast:  there is a masculine version and a feminine version for most of the job titles.


Sometimes, you will see this difference right by looking at the noun. Other times you will see that you can use the same word for men and women but with different articles. Other times you will see no difference between masculine and feminine.


This is because, by using the definite article L’, masculine and feminine will look just the same. But it doesn’t mean that there is no difference between the two.


So, are you ready to find out some Italian jobs?


Press play to watch this podcast and don’t forget to scroll down. You will find a game at the end of the video that will help you remember these words.







Here you have an anagram game to remember these words better.


The rules are simple:


Put the letters into the right order to form the correct word


In order to put the letters into their right place, overlap them with the pre-existing one





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