Italian lessons for beginners

Would you like to remember Italian words more easily? 


Download my free worksheet and discover an effective and fun way to learn Italian vocabulary.

Are you ready for your new Italian life?

You’ve been to Italy once and you immediately fell in love.

Since then, you’ve been dreaming of moving there and make the most out of what Italy has to offer.

You’re dreaming of some good quality time in Roma, Firenze, Como or in the stunning Costiera Amalfitana.

The Italian slow-paced lifestyle, laid-back philosophy and incredible food quality are what you’re looking for.

You know everything you have to do in order to prepare your moving. Everything is ready.

All you have to do now is start learning Italian.


But how can you start?


Italian feels so distant from English. Its grammar is so unfamiliar, its structure too complicated and its pronunciation, well, nice but crazy. And what about those words that keep slipping from your mind?

Is it really possible to go beyond those survival words that you know from your trips?


My answer is yes.

Italian can be easier than you think and, of course, it doesn’t take ages to start speaking Italian.


I can help you

  • learn Italian in an fun and easy way,
  • start speaking from day one,
  • gain the confidence to speak Italian with the locals.


I will help you by…


Giving you language games that will facilitate your learning

Forget about word lists and verbs memorization. You will discover a new  and fun way to learn, remember and use Italian. By playing my language games, not only will you learn more easily, but you’ll also be able to remember more.


Following your learning time and pace

Putting pressure on you will only push you away from your ultimate goal: speaking confidently. I will follow your time and pace so that you will feel comfortable moving forward and speak more and more.


Presenting real-life situations

Having you learn set phrases and conjugations won’t help you speak with the locals once you arrive in Italy. You will learn how to order a meal, talk about yourself and speak with your new Italian friends. I will help you role-play every situation so that you will be ready before your moving.

This path is for you if

  • You want to begin learning Italian
  • You like to play and have fun
  • Speaking from the beginning is a challenge you’re willing to take
  • You know that consistency will bring you quicker results

This path is not for you if

  • You feel like you will cope with Italian by yourself when you arrive in Italy
  • Traditional learning methods suit you best
  • You don’t want to take the chance to speak
  • You’re not willing to commit regularly to your course

“I have been taking classes with Gloria for more than two months now. I am enjoying the Skype lessons because she is teaching in a very interactive way. She knows well how to use resources like the magic board or Skype to transmit lessons. The lessons are very much adapted to the personal needs. If there is a wish for a topic, Gloria takes time to specifically prepare a lesson on that. Also, any question on the previous lesson or homework can be asked in between the lessons so an unclarity becomes clear soon. I can strongly recommend to take classes with Gloria and to also become familiar with the Italian language. She really is an enthusiastic, well-versed and committed teacher!”

Evamaria Kaiser