Listening to Italian: a comprehension exercise for beginners

Listening to Italian: a comprehension exercise for beginners

I often hear my students say that they struggle when listening to Italian. That they can’t find anything to listen to and that they get demotivated. Sounds familiar?


Listening can put you off sometimes: you can’t find anything unserstandable enough to listen to. You look for programs or podcasts but they’re just too fast or too difficult.


This is why I decided to do some listening activities here. I did one a few weeks ago, and now I’m happy to give you a new one.


Here is how it works:


you’re going to listen to a recording three times and, after that, you can play the game and see if you got the meaning. Finally, you can check the transcript so that you can understand all the words.


So, are you ready now?


Press play and get started. 🙂








Vero o falso? Tell me if these sentences are true or false. 🙂




Alessia ha 24 anni e abita a Milano, dove studia filosofia. È una ragazza molto intelligente e simpatica e fa molte cose nel tempo libero. Le piace leggere, scrivere, ascoltare la musica e fare lunghe passeggiate al parco. Le piace anche viaggiare e fare fotografie. Spesso visita città nuove dove può scattare foto bellissime di paesaggi e di palazzi antichi. Ha un sogno molto grande: diventare scrittrice. Ha un blog dove scrive articoli che parlano di filosofia, arte e letteratura.



PS: Are you a false beginner? Have you learnt Italian by yourself with books and Apps, and now you can’t speak, nor listen? Stay tuned, because the Speaking Practice Club for False Beginners is coming up with the new year. Click on the button below to join the waiting list and get notfied when the subscriptions are open.


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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
I help beginners of Italian take their first steps, speak from day one and learn Italian at their pace and by having fun.