Numbers in Italian (21-30) – I numeri in Italiano (20-30)

Numbers in Italian (21-30) – I numeri in Italiano (20-30)

This new episode of the Italian Words Podcast is going to explore more numbers in Italian. More precisely, we’re going to see how to count from 21 to 30.

If you are the same age as I am, or in the same age frame, you might need this to answer the question how old are you? So, let’s have a look at how to form numbers in Italian from 20 onward.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably tempted to jump to the video straight away, without any explanation, but allow me a few lines.


Just to make things easier for you.


Counting from 21 to 29 gets super easy in Italian.


If you remember from the previous episode about numbers, you’ll remember that 20 is pronounced venti.


The rule is one and simple:


You have to combine 20 with numbers from 1 to 9.


But, there are a couple of exceptions.


If you focus on venti, as a word, you will see that it ends with a vowel. And so do 1 (uno) and 8 (otto).


When you have to combine venti + uno and 20 + otto, we need to take that into account.


What we do is removing the final vowel from 20 to make 21 and 28 sound more…musical. 🙂


Therefore, we will have:


21 → ventuno


28 → ventotto


These are the only two exceptions to the rule. The other numbers are all pretty straightforward.


Are you curious to know how to pronounce them?


Would you like to know how to say 30 in Italian?


Press play and don’t forget to play at the end of the video.





Now that you’ve learned how to say these new numbers, I have prepared a matching game for you.


Simply drag the pictures to the words and have fun with numbers in Italian.



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