Italian language games

Are you ready to
kick-start your Italian?

Italian language games

You’ve been to Italy and you immediately fell in love.


You’re dreaming of some good quality time in Roma, Firenze, Como or in the stunning Costiera Amalfitana.


The Italian slow-paced lifestyle, laid-back philosophy and incredible food quality are what you’re looking for.


You know everything you have to do in order to prepare your moving.


Now it’s time to learn Italian.


How can you start?


You’ve always thought Italian was difficult and unfamiliar.


Sure, it sounds musical and sexy, but will you be able to speak it?


And what about those words that keep slipping from your mind? Will you be able to remember them?


My answer is yes.

Let me introduce you to PlayItaliano


PlayItaliano is my method  and my philosophy. I believe that learning Italian can be easy and fun, and that you can speak it from the very beginning.


PlayItaliano will help you learn, remember and speak Italian easily, playfully, and without stress.


With PlayItaliano you will…


Learn by playing


Forget about word lists and verbs memorization. You will discover a fun and easy way to learn, remember and use Italian. By playing these language games, not only will you learn more easily, but you’ll also be able to remember more.


♥ Follow your pace


Putting pressure on you will only push you away from your ultimate goal: speaking confidently. You will learn at your time and pace so that you will feel comfortable moving forward and speak more and more.


 Speak from day one


My philosophy is that saying your first words in Italian is already speaking Italian. This is why I will encourage you to say your first Italian words from the beginning. The more you say them, the more confident you become.

Italian language games

“I was lucky to find Gloria nine months ago, and it has been “un bel viaggo italiano” – a beautiful Italian journey – ever since. Gloria is a joy to work with. She is always energetic and funny, but also patient and well-prepared. She thoughtfully designs curricula that cover the essentials, adhere to your goals, and are enjoyable to complete. Gloria often claims she is a clown disguised as a teacher, and it’s definitely true. I look forward to every lesson because I know I will laugh, but also learn. As a result of studying with Gloria, today I am a confident Italian speaker who can comfortably hold conversations, arrange logistics, and enjoy shows and podcasts in Italian. I enthusiastically recommend Gloria as a language teacher!”

Zenzile Moore

How does it work?


This is a 6-month individual path.

We will meet once a week for an hour on Skype, where you will discover the Italian language step by step and will practice speaking with me.


Wait, did I just say “discover”?


Yes. Don’t expect to be given the rules like you used to be when you were in school.

When you learn with me face-to-face, you will be the one to discover these rules and to put them into practice right afterwards. 

By doing this, you will learn a lot more and you will be able to remember what you find out during your sessions with me.

And, of course, I mentioned speaking as well.


Because there is no true learning if you don’t speak.

Practicing speaking is the ultimate tool that will make you fluent and confident in Italian.


And what about those games?


Games will be a part of our lessons as well as of your individual practice.

Yes, I expect you to do a bit of homework between each class. Only in this way will you be able to keep yourself active, learn more and remember better.

Italian language games

Italian language games

This path is for you if you…

are a beginner and want to start learning Italian

like to play and have fun

want to try and speak

are looking for a step-by-step approach

are motivated and willing to practice between classes

Italian language games

This path is not for you if you…

♥ are an intermediate or advanced student

♥ prefer traditional learning methods

♥ don’t want to take the chance to speak

♥ are looking for a “shortcut” to learn Italian

♥ are not willing to commit regularly to your course

“I have been taking classes with Gloria for more than two months now. I am enjoying the Skype lessons because she is teaching in a very interactive way. She knows well how to use resources like the magic board or Skype to transmit lessons. The lessons are very much adapted to the personal needs. If there is a wish for a topic, Gloria takes time to specifically prepare a lesson on that. Also, any question on the previous lesson or homework can be asked in between the lessons so an unclarity becomes clear soon. I can strongly recommend to take classes with Gloria and to also become familiar with the Italian language. She really is an enthusiastic, well-versed and committed teacher!”

Evamaria Kaiser