How to pronounce the letter C in Italian

How to pronounce the letter C in Italian

How can you pronounce Italian sounds and why are they so tricky?

When you first approach Italian, it is quite common to get excited by the first words and sentences that you learn. Everything sounds so amazing and interesting…until you come across pronunciation.

You learn “ciao” and “arrivederci”, and then you come across “casa”.

Suddenly, you learn that the way you pronounce the letter C in “ciao” and “arrivederci” is not the same sound you hear in “casa”.

Then you start wondering: “why is the same letter pronounced in two different ways?”

Italian pronunciation can be a bit tricky, indeed, but think about it for a second. One of the ways to make it appear less tricky is taking it step by step.

You don’t have to learn all the Italian sounds in one day. If you take them one by one, you will see that they’ll all seem less daunting in the end.

As I showed at the beginning, two of the first Italian sounds you normally come across with are the ones associated with C.

There are two ways with which we can pronounce this letter.

If you don’t know why do we pronounce “ciao” and “casa” differently, then this lesson is for you.

Just don’t panic. After watching this video, you will have a better idea on how to pronounce the letter C correctly.

Press play and get started with your first Italian sounds.



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Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria Spagnoli
I help beginners of Italian take their first steps, speak from day one and learn Italian at their pace and by having fun.