TEMPO, VOLTA and ORA: time in Italian

TEMPO, VOLTA and ORA: time in Italian

Have you ever translated the word time in Italian? It’s tempo, right? So, you’ve probably said, at least once in your life, things like:


È il primo tempo che vedo questo film.

A che tempo ci vediamo domani?


Ok, now stop for a second.


Time has got two more translations: volta and ora.

We use volta to talk about occasions and moments in the past or in the future. Then, we use ora to talk about a specific time of the day, like 1 pm or 9 am.

We saw in a previous video lesson how to use ora to ask and answer the question what time is it?. Now, this video lesson will show you how to better use the words tempo, volta, ora and finally learn how to say time in Italian.


Watch the video lesson and don’t forget to play the game at the end. 🙂


TEMPO, VOLTA and ORA: time in Italian




An airplane is flying in the sky, looking for the correct answer: ora, tempo, or volta?

Use the arrows to direct the plane to the right answer. Answers are in the clouds. 😀



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