Happy people

Ian Taylor

When I strarted my lessons with Gloria I could say two words in Italian…. ciao and grazie, and most day to day interactions with Italians while on holiday were filled with the dread that being unable to understand a language brings.
Now, after taking lessons for around a year I can confidently carry out many tasks covering things like shopping, getting around on public transport, asking for or giving directions along with many other similar day to day conversations. While travelling in Italy I can now communicate with confidence, it’s a great feeling to be able to approach people knowing they will understand what I ask and I will understand their response .
Gloria’s teaching style is very interactive and always fun while still maintaining focus, this approach works well and makes sure lessons are always a pleasure.

Tammie Tucker

I absolutely LOVE working with Gloria!!!! She is fun and has many fun ways to enhance the learning process. I only wish I could meet with her every day to work with her. She makes you feel very comfortable and free to ask questions too. She is always prepared and ready for our lessons and she is always pleasant. I look forward to many many more lessons with her and seeing my Italian progress 🙂

Matthew Sue Yek

When I decided to study Italian, I knew I wanted to start with a professional teacher. I have always found learning the fundamentals this way far more effective than other methods. I have worked with Gloria for almost 2 months. Throughout this time Gloria has always been incredibly supportive and patient with me. Her materials are high quality and are always used to review and cement new words and grammar. Gloria’s teaching style is very much designed to allow the student more control over the pace and content, rather than being dictated what you should know. I do not feel stressed or overly emotional when I work with Gloria. It has been very easy to build rapport and a professional relationship with Gloria. I intend to continue learning Italian with Gloria as a result of her efforts and her teaching style.

Zenzile Moore

I was lucky to find Gloria nine months ago, and it has been “un bel viaggo italiano” – a beautiful Italian journey – ever since. Gloria is a joy to work with. She is always energetic and funny, but also patient and well-prepared. She thoughtfully designs curricula that cover the essentials, adhere to your goals, and are enjoyable to complete. Gloria often claims she is a clown disguised as a teacher, and it’s definitely true. I look forward to every lesson because I know I will laugh, but also learn. As a result of studying with Gloria, today I am a confident Italian speaker who can comfortably hold conversations, arrange logistics, and enjoy shows and podcasts in Italian. I enthusiastically recommend Gloria as a language teacher!

Leticia Fuentelsaz

I really enjoy my classes with Gloria. She is very easy to talk to, patient, fun and ​professional. The classes are tailor-made and she uses a lot games, so learning Italian is always fun! Gloria is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend her!

Leticia Fuentelsaz

Jack Glaros

Easily one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. Gloria has guided me every step of the way into this beautiful language. She is a patient, skillful, and committed educator. Her method of teaching, and my results have made me always looking forward to the next lesson, and am truly lucky to have found her.

Ashish Singh

I am very lucky to have a great teacher like Gloria. She anticipates your needs and prepares the lesson best suited for you. She gives you concrete study material to read, study, watch and learn. She is a great teacher and a very nice person. I am proud to be her student. She boosted my confidence and made me feel very comfortable with speaking and pronunciation. Anyone who wants to learn the language in the most natural and interesting way, look no further than Gloria. All her lessons are tailor-made according to the needs of the student. Thank you once again, my dear teacher, for such a wonderful class. Looking forward to our next awesome class! See you soon dear teacher.

Claudia Pignataro

Gloria is an excellent teacher. She’s got a good methodology. She’s friendly, intelligent, punctual and responsible. 100% recommended. Se dedicates with passion to her job. What more can you ask for?