The difference between SENTIRE and SENTIRSI

The difference between SENTIRE and SENTIRSI

Knowing the difference between sentire and sentirsi can be hard, especially if your first language doesn’t have any reflexive verbs. These two verbs look familiar, but they’re actually different, even in their meaning.


Sentire is a regular verb of the third group and it translates as the English to hear. Whereas sentirsi is a reflexive verb, and it translates as to feel.


You will see now that, once you’re familiar with the context, it’s easy to choose between sentire and sentirsi.


For example, when you know that you’re talking about hearing voices, noises or other people, you will clearly use sentire. On the other hand, when you’re talking about how you or someone else is feeling, you will have to use sentirsi.


Now, to make things easier, here you have a video lesson to understand the difference between sentire and sentirsi.


You will see a few examples with both of these verbs, and then you will find a game to practice them.


So, are you ready? Press play and have fun! 😀







Here you have a quiz to practice the use of sentire and sentirsi.


Look at the sentences and choose the right answer. 🙂




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