The imperative in Italian –  part 1 (2nd person singular: tu)

The imperative in Italian – part 1 (2nd person singular: tu)

Learning the imperative in Italian can literally be one of easiest things to do. If you’re feeling scared and you think it’s going to be impossible. Take a break for a second.


The trick is to break it down into small parts.




By focusing on a single person at a time.


In this lesson we’re going to see how to form the Italian imperative of the regular verbs with the second person singular: tu.


As you already remember, you can use the “tu” form when you talk to someone else in informal situations. In other words, with friends, family, and anyone you’re intimate with.


You can use the imperative any time you want to be a bit more assertive or make a warm invitation.


And, if you can’t remember something or you need a bit of revision, you can come back to this lesson you can and have a reference point.


So, are you ready to begin?


Press play and don’t forget to play the game at the end. 🙂








Here you have a word search game.


Find the imperatives of the infinitive that you see at the right.


A piece of advice: think about them before you go and look for them. If you can’t remember them, the grid will surely give you a clue. After that, you can then play this game as much as you want, so that you will finally remember all of these imperatives.


Enjoy! 🙂



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