Italian interrogatives: how to use quale in Italian

Italian interrogatives: how to use quale in Italian

There are many ways in which you can ask questions in Italian. One of them being interrogatives. Like quale. Do you already know how to use quale in Italian?


In case you haven’t come across quale before, learning how to use it is super easy.


Quale corresponds to the English interrogatives which.


You can imagine, then, that we can find it in so many questions.


Have a look at these examples:


Quale colore preferisci?

Which color do you prefer?


Quali canzoni ti piacciono?

Which songs do you like?


Qual è il tuo indirizzo?

What’s your address?


Quali sono i tuoi progetti?

What are your projects?


As you can see, there are plenty of questions which start with quale in Italian.


But did you notice anything else?


Quale has changed in these examples.


We also saw sentences starting with quali and sentences starting with qual.


Yes, quale changes depending on the word we want to use after it.


In this video lesson you will find out how to better use quale and when and how to change it.


Press play and don’t forget to scroll down the video to play the game.





Great! You’ve now learned how to use quale. But don’t forget about practicing. 🙂


So, here you have a quiz game about quale.


How to play

1. Choose the right form of quale for each question that you see,


2. Try and ask at least one of these questions to someone.


Always remember that, the more you play and practice, the more you will remember. 🙂



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