Evidence-based Italian language and culture consulting

Tired of not knowing what to say and asking other people to speak for you?

Learn how to manage your daily life in Italian, know what to say, and live your Italian life on your own.

Feeling lost when speaking Italian?

What are these people talking about?

Reading Italian is easy, but listening… impossible! Why do these people speak like that? What is it that they’re talking about? What did they just say? So frustrating! What could have possibly gone wrong? And why?

I can’t say a word

Nothing comes out. Not a single word. It was so easy to learn words and phrases. You had them in your book, you could write them, repeat them… but now… blank. All gone.

Have I wasted my time?

Has all this preparation been just a waste of your time?  Months (or years!) with your nose in Italian textbooks. And now? How can you cope in Italy next time you go there?

I’m Gloria and I help struggling Italian learners find their words and speak Italian fluently and confidently 

I’m a language learner myself. I’ve been learning English since I was 7, French since I was 11, and Spanish since I was 16.

I have always been passionate about learning languages, but my shyness and insecurity always stood in my way.

I had to learn how to speak other languages by myself, just by relying on my willingness to improve. I didn’t know of any strategy, back then.

Today, I help shy and insecure Italian learners find their words during their conversations and speak Italian confidently and fluently.