I help you develop your language and mindset skills to connect with the Italian people around you

Speaking Italian is so much more than putting words together.

It's looking at life through new eyes, finding a new voice, and embracing a new part of you.

And I'm here to help you during this journey.

It was so simple when you first began with your book

You memorized a few words, verb conjugations, full sentences… You learned all the grammar rules by heart, did all the exercises on your textbook, tried to read some short texts…

Everything seemed pretty fine. You knew everything you needed to know.

What could possibly go wrong?

A few months later, in a small town in Italy…


Excited, you land in Italy for your first say at your villa. You can’t wait to get there and make new Italian friends. You collect your luggage, call your taxi and… wait! What is the driver saying? What is he talking about?


Moment of silence.


Ok, you’ve just arrived. Don’t panic. Maybe you need time to adjust.


Then you meet with the villa owner: “buongiorno”, “buongiorno a Lei”… Another moment of awkward silence. Now what? Thank God she speaks English!


It can’t be! All this time preparing yourself… for what? You walk around the town and it’s like if you were lost in another dimension. You hear people chatting but you just can’t get what they’re saying. Approaching someone? How? You’re now so tense that you can’t even remember what to say.


I know how you’re feeling.

I’m Gloria and I turn shy and overwhelmed expats in Italy into confident and empowered speakers

I help you

take your words from your head to your mouth

deal with day-to-day conversations in Italian

grow your confidence and your Italian skills

Apart from being an Italian teacher, I was (and still am) a language learner. And to be truly honest with you, I have never really been a confident person.


Any time I had to speak in a foreign language in front of my classmates, I was always afraid that my teacher would reprimand me in front of everybody for making mistakes. The only idea terrified me so much that I would rather shut up than give myself a chance.


The fact that I was never really encouraged, nor given the chance to speak in a foreign language, made me even more insecure any time I wanted to try and say something.


When I finally realized that I was in charge of this and that I could do something about it, my whole situation changed.


I went from being a shy, sensitive and insecure student to being a confident, aware and sensitive speaker. Yep, I’m still sensitive and I love it.

Here are the three points of my philosophy


A good laugh is always a good way to start. A positive experience is what helps us remember the most. A fun connection is what makes a word glue to our memory. A laughter a day keeps stress and fear away.


Learning is a journey, with all its ups and downs. Embrace both the good and the bad days, accept that everything has a process, and celebrate every single, albeit small, result. Be kind to yourself when you make a mistake. Beating yourself up has to lead you nowhere so far.


As learners, we are in charge of our experience. We can decide whether or not to believe those little voices in our heads. We can decide to take the reins and choose the direction of our path. We can learn that we do have the resources and that we can use them during difficult moments.

How to find your Italian voice

Feeling like a fish out of water during a conversation in Italian?

Tired of missing the topic of the conversation?

Wondering how to find the right words?