The Italian Warriors Club

A community where overwhelmed and insecure Italian learners begin to find their words and speak confidently to connect with the Italian people around them


Is one of these situations happening to you?

You’ve moved to Italy and you’re finding it hard to connect with the people around you, or you’re in touch with Italian people and you want to create deeper connections with them.

You’ve spent months studying Italian, but it’s like if you started yesterday. You have a minestrone of words in your head but you don’t know how to put these words together.

You’ve joined local conversation clubs to meet people like you. But the moment you joined you felt like a fish out of water. Everyone seemed so experienced while you could barely understand what was going on.

You try to speak Italian with the people around you but words just don’t come out. You try again, but this time you freeze even before opening your mouth. You shake before speaking, and you want to run away when someone talks to you in Italian.

You try to watch movies and TV shows in Italian to pick up the language. But people speak too fast, their voices overlap, and you miss almost all the words.

You feel lost and you don’t know what to do to change this situation. You think there is something wrong with you and that you will never speak Italian like other people.

Now you have the opportunity to free yourself from this vicious circle

With the Italian Warriors Club, you will learn how to take your words out, speak confidently, and create connections with the Italian people around you

What makes this community so unique?


The club is a safe place where you will be allowed to go at your pace and make all the mistakes that you need in order to move forward with your learning. You’re never going to be judged for what you say or how you say it. The club’s main rule is that each mistake is a learning opportunity.


You’re going to be supported during all your difficult moments. You will be able to ask all the questions you want, and I’ll personally answer all of them. There is no such a thing as too many questions, and no one should be left with 100 doubts in their head.

Practical activities

All the activities inside of the club are highly practical. You’ll learn how to understand and use Italian right from the very beginning.


You’ll receive feedback on your work so that you know what to do and what to say when you speak Italian with other people.

Mindset work

Learning Italian is not just a matter of learning words and putting them together. You will learn how to manage negative thoughts, challenging situations, overwhelm, and insecurities.

Evidence-based techniques

You’ll use techniques that have been scientifically proven and will therefore guarantee that you’ll remember your words, learn how to speak, and deal with your insecurities.

I’m going to help you overcome your fears and insecurities and create deep connections with the Italian people around you

I’m going to tell you something about me, just in case you don’t know me.

I’m an Italian teacher and coach and I blend principles of evidence-based pedagogy and coaching to help shy and insecure people learn and speak Italian with confidence.  

I didn’t have a trusted guide when I was learning languages at school. All I did was learn by heart and make sure I didn’t make any mistakes.

I wanted to give the world what I didn’t have as a child, so I created this community hoping that other shy and sensitive people like me could find a safe place where they’re allowed to learn at their own pace and be supported during their journey.

What you'll get


You’re going to know what to do and what to say when you try and speak Italian in your day-to-day life.

A supportive community

You’ll be surrounded by encouraging and supportive people who will be there for you when you need an extra hand.


Thanks to the activities, you will strengthen what you know and make space for the new, knowing that you’ll know how to make it stick.

Ability to connect

You’ll learn how to talk to the Italian people in your life and you’ll be able to build strong and deep connections with them.

The club is for you if

You’re an ex-pat in Italy, are planning to move to Italy, or you’re in touch with people in Italy.

You already know Italian words grammar but struggle to remember them and use them in a sentence or in a conversation.

You can’t take your words out and want to start speaking confidently.

You want to follow conversations in Italian

You are shy and looking for a safe place to practice your Italian without the fear of being judged.

You’re willing to commit, engage actively, and put what you learn into practice 

You’re ready to work on yourself and your confidence as well as on the language

The club is not for you if

You are a complete beginner and need to start learning Italian from scratch.

You’re learning just for fun and with no purpose or need

You’re looking for free chat conversation lessons.

You are looking for a shortcut.

You don’t have time to learn.

You’re expecting a zero-effort magic formula.

You don’t want to engage in the group

You don’t want to change the way you approach your learning

"After six weeks in The Club, I returned to Italy and the words came out! I was talking with the locals about their families, recipes, dogs, and Italy!. Granted, I made mistakes (molto!), and my speech was slow, but I was having conversations. I was being understood, and the inhibitions were gone. Gloria and The Italian Warriors Club made such a difference. The Club provides a secure and fun environment where you immediately feel comfortable with speaking and not feeling embarrassed about making mistakes. It gave me the confidence that I needed. Gloria’s program is well organized, thoughtful, creative and the content is fun and relevant. I am such a fan! I highly recommend it!"
Kim Bryan

What's included


Learn about the Italian culture and discover new words and expressions to use in your day-to-day life.


Listen to how Italians truly sound and help yourself with three different speed levels (Slow, Medium, and Natural).


Less theory, more practice. Put your Italian to use from day one with practical and targeted activities.


Got a doubt about your tasks? I’ll be there to give you feedback and make sure all your doubts fade away.


Words, expressions, intonation, pronunciation, and of course speaking. If you can’t make it, you will find a recording in the members’ area.


Send and receive text, audio, and video messages every day. Chat with me and the club’s members and welcome your Italian to your daily life.


If you feel too shy to speak, you can take part in the weekly challenge and send a short audio or video message in the Telegram group about the week’s topic.


Got a question? Ask it in the members’ area and I’ll reply with a video.


Tackle your insecurities with the Italian Warriors Toolkit: a collection of worksheets to help you during your everyday challenges.


Feel like talking? You can organize live video calls on Zoom with the other club’s members. 


What people say

"I joined Gloria’s Italian Italian Warriors Club to connect with a native speaker and to watch, listen, read and write in a positive learning environment. I also liked the idea of finding a language partner(s) to enhance my experience. There are many benefits of learning with Gloria. Her approach to teaching is intelligent, entertaining and highly practical. She successfully demonstrates helpful techniques for learning. Her video lessons are delivered in a welcoming and cheerful manner. They focus on speaking/pronunciation, writing, a daily task, vocabulary and grammar. They cover a variety of interesting topics (i.e. culture, food, places, etc.) The material is presented in an organized and well-constructed user-friendly way. Each monthly lesson plan includes a pronunciation exercise, vocab/grammar section, a practical task and a section of interactive games. The learning materials are printable so I keep these pages in a binder for easy access and use. It is an efficient way to keep my study notes in order and serves as an effective reference guide. The playful games are useful in building vocabulary with repetition and speed. I actively enjoy the group’s participation because this dynamic really helps in learning too. Gloria is always available to answer questions, explain and give assistance when needed. Over time, my comprehension skills have greatly improved and I do have more confidence in working toward my goal of mastering the art of fluency. I enthusiastically recommend the Club to anyone who is looking for a fun and comprehensive way to learn/study/speak Italian. Learning with Gloria is a rewarding experience. I always look forward to her next lesson!"
Celeste Chernin
"I joined Gloria’s Italian Warriors Club three months ago, and I love it! I began studying (not speaking!) Italian on my own using a software program. After a year I was feeling pretty confident with my progress and in August of 2018 I took my first trip to Italy. However, when it came time to speak, the words did not come out! I just froze! After returning from my trip I decided to find a tutor to help with my speaking skills. I tried three different tutors, but the lessons were so unpleasant and stressful. I became frustrated and lost my desire to continue learning. Then as my August 2019 trip to Italy was quickly approaching, I decided to give it another try. I spent a lot of time searching for a tutor that was encouraging, fun, and passionate about their job. I came upon Gloria and her Italian Warriors Club. It was a perfect fit! After six weeks in The Club, I returned to Italy and the words came out! I was talking with the locals about their families, recipes, dogs and Italy!. Granted, I made mistakes (molto!), and my speech was slow, but I was having conversations. I was being understood, and the inhibitions were gone. Gloria and The Italian Warriors Club made such a difference. The Club provides a secure and fun environment where you immediately feel comfortable with speaking and not feeling embarrassed about making mistakes. It gave me the confidence that I needed. Also, the club is a tremendous value. I originally thought that the club was just a once-a-week group conversation. But I was wrong and found out that there is so much more. It is actually a course built off of a monthly theme. There are both video and audio lessons for listening comprehension, vocabulary with context, grammar, and pronunciation. There are games for practice and a daily homework assignment that only takes a minute or two but it is very beneficial. Gloria’s program is well organized, thoughtful, creative and the content is fun and relevant. I am such a fan! I highly recommend it!"
Kim Bryan
"I love learning languages because I love to travel. Over the years I’ve had experience of lots of methods and approaches – online and otherwise – and with several different languages. I have to be honest and say that Gloria’s teaching in the club and in person with Skype lessons is right up there with the very best I’ve ever had. Her patient and fun approach, combined with the learning games and the quality of the teaching makes learning fast, challenging but very, very achievable … and above all of that, it’s great fun. Italian is new to me but at the start of this year I decided to give it a go and before finding Gloria I had tried several other online methods and also had some lessons with tutors from a well known online service. I was making a little bit of progress but it was slow and my confidence with the language wasn’t high. I found Gloria on instagram and loved the way she presented the language in charming little videos that were easy to understand and really helpful. I decided to join the Italian Warriors Club and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. It’s great value and quite unique in all my experience. Each module brings listening practice based around Italian culture and life in Italy. There’s text to practice your reading … followed by vocabulary and grammar lessons and on top of all of that customised games to help retain what you’ve learned. I also love the section on for practicing how to pronounce the language properly. All in all it’s the best value for learning Italian that you’ll find and I can’t recommend it highly enough."
Gordon Cameron
"I had taken Italian back in college – many yrs ago – 1986-1989. I loved the Italian language/culture (I started dating this Italian girl from New York – and went to an Italian film class of hers and saw a film by Fellini. I just became more and more engrossed from there really. I joined the club to brush up more on the language. I have gotten some good re-introduction to a lot of things that forgot and some new colloquial things as well. I would recommend the club to someone who is looking for the same thing – you’re very engaging, friendly, and knowledgeable."
Clark Atkins
"Before I met Gloria, I had been studying Italian for a few years, mainly through one-on-one private lessons and using Duolingo. I decided to join Gloria’s club because it was an opportunity to practice speaking Italian regularly. Gloria comes up with fun topics of conversation for every class and is always very well prepared. During our meetings, we all have a chance to speak. Gloria pays attention to the conversation, correcting and explaining our mistakes. After each class, she sends us very helpful notes and comments on our conversation that day. I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the meetings. Since joining the club, my Italian has improved—I understand more, my vocabulary is much better, and so is my reading and writing. Most importantly, I no longer panic when I have to speak; in fact, I like to speak now and be part of the conversation! I strongly recommend the club to anyone who wants to learn Italian in a fun and relaxed way."
Jolanta Murawicz –Suwik
Jolanta Murawicz –Suwik

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