Voice your Italian

Take your words from your head to your mouth

Let me guess

You’ve binge-studied Italian grammar. You’ve spent your nights and lunch breaks with your nose in your books. To the point that you know everything by heart now.

You’ve learned word after word on Apps. You know what a word means when you see it but you can’t say it when you need it.

You’ve bought yourself books and you made it through them. So you know that you can understand pretty well by now.

You know what to say. You have all the words that you need in your mind, but you just can’t take them out.

You freeze when someone talks to you in Italian and you suddenly forget all your words.

You’re afraid to start a conversation. You know how to begin, but you don’t know how to continue.

You can learn how to take your words from your head to your mouth

With this 5-week program, you'll get to unlock your words and break the barriers that stop you from speaking Italian

What makes this program so unique?

Made for you

We’re going to work on the situations that you truly need, those that matter for you, those that you face in your day-to-day life.


You’ll be in a protected space where you’ll be free to be you, to grow at your pace, to learn from your mistakes, to be empowered


With this program, you’ll get to work specifically on how to take your words out. You’ll learn how to get over your insecurity and to slowly start to speak.


You can count on my support, my feedback, and my encouragement at all times. I’ll be there to help you grow and acknowledge your small and big steps.

I’m going to help you find your words and begin to feel comfortable when speaking Italian

I’m going to tell you something about me, just in case you don’t know me.

I’m an Italian teacher and coach and I blend principles of evidence-based pedagogy and coaching to help shy and insecure people speak Italian comfortably and confidently.

I’ve always been shy and insecure and I would always hesitate before speaking in another language.

I want you to have a better experience, and I want you to feel encouraged and supported while you move your first steps and begin to voice your Italian.

What you'll get


We’re going to work not only on the language but also on your confidence with practical small technique that I’ll send you before each prompt.

Language and cultural tools

You’ll learn how to keep the conversation going, and you’ll learn what to do and what to say in each situation of your daily life.


You’ll learn how to grow and set yourself up for success when you speak Italian with the people around you. 


You’ll learn what works best to build connections with the Italian people. Which words and expressions can help you build a bridge.

This program is for you if

You already know the basics of Italian

You can understand Italian when you read it

You have plenty of words in your head, but you can’t take them out

You’re shy and need to practice in a safe environment before talking to someone face to face

You want to work also on your confidence and not just on the language

You’re ready to do some work and put the strategies and techniques into practice

This program is not for you if

You’re a complete beginner and have to start learning Italian from scratch

You just want to do casual conversation

You’re not interested in mindset work nor in growing your confidence

You want a quick solution or a magic formula

You’re not interested in doing your part and putting the strategies into practice

You just want me to give you new words without learning how to use them 

Before joining Voice your Italian, I struggled a lot with my confidence. I was so scared about speaking in Italian even knowing a lot of words. I've learned A LOT with Gloria and her program. I learned how to feel comfortable speaking another language and I now feel super confident about speaking Italian and motivated to learn more! This experience was one of the most challenging things of my life. First, because I was translating the words for a language that is not mine: English to Italian, and I speak Portuguese. I was super nervous and so excited at the same time. But Gloria and her patience, her kindness, the passion that she have for teaching were crucial to being so easy. The fact that she is so worried about you as a human and not only as a student is the biggest difference. Thank you so much Gloria for helping me!
Emy Soares
During the pandemic, in 2020, I participated in the SpeakIta speaking program di Gloria Spagnoli. The topics chosen by Gloria, that I needed to discuss during the audio recording were very interesting. Gloria helped me with a lot of tips and tricks to improve my spoken Italian. Her professionalism and good advice were very valuable for me. I highly recommend everybody to follow a course with Gloria, I am sure: you will improve your language skills!
Eveline Beckers

What's included

1 initial call where you will tell me about your situations, challenges, and goals

2 speaking prompts each week (for a total of 3 weeks) about the situations you want to face

1 mindset and confidence strategy to work on before doing the speaking prompt

My detailed video feedback within 24 hours and tips to implement for the next prompt

Unlimited support for the total length of the program

A final call where we will discuss what we’ve done and further steps for you

How it works

Week 1

We meet for the first time. You tell me about your situation, challenges, hopes, and goals. I plan the materials for our next few weeks together.

Weeks 2, 3, 4

I send you two speaking prompts per week (for a total of 3 weeks) based on your goals. Each week, I’ll also include one mindset technique to help you grow your confidence.

You send me a short audio or video message on Telegram (or via e-mail) based on the topic of the prompt.

I send you my detailed feedback within 24 hours.

Week 5

We meet for our final call, we look at your achievements and future goals, and we try a role-play activity of your choice.

Your investment

The overall investment for the program is

€ 250

Are you ready to voice your Italian?